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Our Brewery

Though we've only recently opened our restaurant end of business to the world, our Brewery has been crafting top quality beers for the last 20 years. From our best sellers to our seasonal favorites, our craft beers our the best of the best, and created to give our neighbors an alternative to the general big-wig ones (we're not saying names, but one does rhyme with Mud Bite).

Our Food

We wanted our food to perfectly match our beers - both in delicious taste and fantastic quality. Like our beer, we source ingredients locally (and sustainably) so when you visit our brewery, the only thing you feel bad about is how much you spent (but how good it all tasted).

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Our Beers

Our recipes date back to the 1800's, where our great grandparents brewed their own beer in their homes like many Americans did. One change, though, is we've taken inspiration from these recipes and made them our - featuring the original recipes framed throughout our brewery, but letting modern times help us master the flavor profiles and combinations.

Our Partners

Food is slowly becoming a part of our repertoire, but we still want to host the very friends and neighbors who supported us at our start. AKA - we still have our local food truck friends hang in our parking lot and serve their delicious food, while we supply the beer. It's the fun of a block party without any of the planning or stress.